Repurposed Baby Blankets


I love blankets!  We have tons!  At least 3 in every room in the house!

When I got pregnant, I was blessed with friends and family who showered us with many gifts.  I was given a lot of receiving blankets and baby blankets, or I would pick up another one if I thought it was cute!  (Yes, maybe I have a blanket problem.)

After the girls were too big for them, and they were just sitting in the closet FOR YEARS, I decided I needed to do something with them.  I didn’t want to get rid of them, because they had too many memories, but didn’t want to just store them.  I wanted to be able to use them, so I decided to sew them together and make big throw blankets for the girls.

I made one side out of receiving blankets and then other side out of their fleece baby blankets.  I made cuts across each blanket, being sure to not destroy any appliques already on the blanket, and TRIED to made even squares.  They were pretty big squares.  Probably 6-8″ each.

IMG_2852    IMG_2854

I then sewed both sides together to make one big blanket.

I got iron on letters for their initials and ironed them onto the corners.  (The little blue label says “Made with Love by Mom.”)IMG_2853IMG_2856

They are super soft, super warm and have tons of memories for me.  The girls loved them.


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