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Lord, run my day. 

This time of year, with the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays,  life can be super busy and sometimes stressful.   When you have a business that thrives in the 4th quarter, your days can be so full with simply answering questions and solving problems that you can't even check your emails from the day before.  The incessant… Continue reading Lord, run my day. 

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I have a dear friend who I can pour out my "MOM HEART" to and she gets it! We began our friendship with PAGES of handwritten letters, unloading everything onto each other when our girls were just babies. Later in our friendship we had long talks on my couch or at her dining room table. … Continue reading I AM NORMAL!

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Life of a Soccer Mom

When soccer (or really any sport) is your children's lives, it becomes your life, and life seems to move around the sport. Laundry loads are based around what jersey needs washed for tomorrow's game. Meal planning is essential, and the crockpot is a permanent fixture in the counter. Soccer bags, muddy cleats, sweaty socks, and… Continue reading Life of a Soccer Mom

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Dear School,

180 days in a school year × 13 years of education =2,160 days 2,160 days × 6.5 hours / day =14,040 hours of their lives they spent in school. Dear School, Do you know the influence you have over my child's life? Do you realize how many hours of the day you have with my… Continue reading Dear School,

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Choosing the Perfect Planner / Organizer

I am an organized person.  I have been my whole life.  Everything has a place.  That doesn't mean my house is always spotless though. I hate to clean.  However, I'm constantly reorganizing and purging closets or drawers or even whole rooms. Recently I was asked to give my opinion on buying a planner/organizer.  Here is… Continue reading Choosing the Perfect Planner / Organizer

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Swiss Cake Rolls Cake

It's birthday party time around here again and we were doing a combo party for both girls.  S is not a cake fan so we had an ice cream cake for her.   T loves cake,  like her momma, but I wanted to do something different than a traditional cake.  T LOVES swiss cake rolls and… Continue reading Swiss Cake Rolls Cake

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Thankful for the clutter

A lot of times when we post things online or on our Facebook pages we edit and reword and crop our pictures to be just what we want it to be. Last thanksgiving I decided to be thankful for things I'm normally complaining about. I tried to see the good in what only seemed like… Continue reading Thankful for the clutter

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Learning to Argue

(Ironically, this pic was just snuggling, but I thought it looked like they were choking each other. 😉 ) As I sit here in our sunroom, I'm in awe of how the girls can go from one minute of practically RIPPING each others heads off to, giggly, happy girls the next. Their fights have never… Continue reading Learning to Argue

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Cereal Killer

My husband is a cereal killer. He barely gets 3 bowls out of one box of cereal. He eats your traditional "cinnamon life", "Chex", raisin bran, and "Special K", but one of his favorites is this cereal which I have labeled "soggy cardboard". He used to eat it in Kenya when he was a kid,… Continue reading Cereal Killer

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Birthday Card Organizer

Birthday’s are special in our family. We celebrate EVERY ONE! To me, it’s a day to treat “that someone” to a day just for them. I want to show them how important they are and that we appreciate them, even if we don’t show it everyday. I remember how much I loved getting cards when… Continue reading Birthday Card Organizer