Letters to my girls

I Will Be A Difference Maker

I don’t know how many times people have said to me, “You always have a smile on your face.”. It took probably 100 people to tell me until I finally realized that I must have a smile on my face all the time.

I am a “wear your heart on your sleeve” kind of girl. You can look at me and know exactly how I’m feeling. I had this old tire cover on the back of my Chevy Tracker that Papa got for me. He asked me what I wanted written on it and I told him “smile from the heart”. It had a Winnie the Pooh picture on it as well. (You know how much I like Pooh bear.) One day somebody asked me what “Smile from the Heart” meant. To me, it means you show your “heart” on your face.



There’s a difference between a fake smile and a real one. You can tell when someone is truly happy to see you and when someone is faking it. What a difference the right kind of smile can make!

Sometimes we can be preoccupied and the smile on our face shows it. To the receiver it says, “You’re too busy to have time for me”. Sometimes we’ve had a horrible day. To the receiver it says, “You don’t want to see me right now”. Choose to push aside yourself and “SEE” the person in front of you. Choose to “see” what kind of day they’ve had. Choose to help them with whatever has them preoccupied.

Then, it’s time to go beyond the smiles. It’s time to actually look the person in their eyes and say, “Good morning.” “How are you?” “You look beautiful today.” It can mean the whole world to someone.

Now, imagine saying that to a complete stranger? One day, while walking into Walmart, two ladies were walking out completely dressed up and as I passed them I said to them, “Y’all look beautiful today!” The smile on their faces said it all. They were in complete shock that a complete stranger just said that to them.

We women tend to critique ourselves so hard that even when we’re told how pretty we look we doubt it because we’ve told ourselves a thousand times that we don’t look good. It’s important that we, as women, try to lift each other up so that we can push down the self doubt and worthlessness that we put on ourselves.

Don’t just plaster a smile to your face because you think that you should. Put a smile on your face because you have JOY. Put a smile on your face because you have things to be joyful about. You have a roof over your head, you have clothes on your body, you have food to eat, you have friends who adore you, you have family who thinks you are the world, but most of all, you have a Creator who created today FOR YOU! Enjoy the day and enjoy the people that God brings into your path.



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