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Change is Hard

Change is hard and death... well, it sucks. I've been thinking how "life" can bring these hard times and how awful they can be to go through, BUT how thankful and how grateful I am to not be going through them alone. I think back on my life, a hard time in my family when… Continue reading Change is Hard

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We've hit this stage in our parenting where boys are starting to take notice of our girls. We were out to dinner one night and I noticed a boy "do a double take".  I put my head down and giggled.   Hubby is SO NOT READY for this stage. He said they can date as… Continue reading Entrust

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Hubby, Before you turn 40

I think it only appropriate that since I wrote "letters" to my girls telling them what I wanted them to know before they turned 10, that I write one to my hubby before he turns 40. Babe, I know I don't say these things enough, and I COULD NEVER say them enough, but I mean… Continue reading Hubby, Before you turn 40

Letters to my girls, Marriage, Momma, Parenting

Living the Dream

My mom recently gave me some old school papers and photo albums of mine. In the box of stuff, I found a paper that I had filled out when I was 8 years old. At the bottom the paper was the question, "What do you want to be when you grow up?" My answer, written… Continue reading Living the Dream

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The Waiting Room

My sweet precious girls, I was determined. I was determined to not "let it beat me". I was determined to not let the fear take over... Looking into the face of a doctor, a man I had come to respect, and see the fear in his eyes, (even though his mouth is saying he's "not… Continue reading The Waiting Room

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Learning to Argue

(Ironically, this pic was just snuggling, but I thought it looked like they were choking each other. 😉 ) As I sit here in our sunroom, I'm in awe of how the girls can go from one minute of practically RIPPING each others heads off to, giggly, happy girls the next. Their fights have never… Continue reading Learning to Argue

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Cereal Killer

My husband is a cereal killer. He barely gets 3 bowls out of one box of cereal. He eats your traditional "cinnamon life", "Chex", raisin bran, and "Special K", but one of his favorites is this cereal which I have labeled "soggy cardboard". He used to eat it in Kenya when he was a kid,… Continue reading Cereal Killer

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Annual “Get Dad” Days

Over the summer months, the girls and I plan a surprise day for their dad. At first it was a day for fun and to let him know that we were thinking of him and wanted to do something special. Over the years, it has turned into "Get Dad!" The first summer (JULY 2010) we… Continue reading Annual “Get Dad” Days

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Housekeeping vs Home-Keeping

I am blessed with a wonderful husband who notices when things are piling up around the house that I can't get to. He will enlist the help of our girls and the three of them can bang out, so it shouldn't be a shocker when I walked in the door and I see that the… Continue reading Housekeeping vs Home-Keeping

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Happily Ever After / Invested Forever After

Another letter to my girls.... Your dad and I met at church when he came here to the States to go to college. The first time I saw him walking his Nana into church, I thought he was really cute! We were in the college and career class together and we did a lot of… Continue reading Happily Ever After / Invested Forever After