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Two choices

T had to write a poem for her English Literature class.  The topic was to be choices, serious, and personal.   With her permission, I am sharing her poem.   Two choices that day:  Tell my mom or hide away.  I bury my cries in my pillow.  Everyone asks if something is wrong.  I say no,  and… Continue reading Two choices

Authored BY MY GIRLS, Faith

God is Alive!

God is Alive!  (Written by 11 year old S.  Written from her heart.  We have a little missionary.) People think God is dead but I believe He is right next to you now.  Do you?  It may seem He is not there but He is there every step of your life.  If you are a… Continue reading God is Alive!

Authored BY MY GIRLS, Faith

Remember the Meaning of Christmas?

(This was written by 12 year old T. She wrote what was in her heart.) If you don’t remember the meaning of Christmas I’ll tell you what the meaning is. The meaning of Christmas isn’t presents or family games. It’s not all about Santa Claus or hanging out with friends. It’s not about eggnog or… Continue reading Remember the Meaning of Christmas?