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Memory notebooks

Besides my "nighttime notebooks", I have these notebooks that only I write in. (Nighttime notebooks are for each of the girls and I to write back and forth.) I started these memory notebooks about a year after my youngest was born. I knew they would never remember things from when they were little, and I… Continue reading Memory notebooks

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Birthday Card Organizer

Birthday’s are special in our family. We celebrate EVERY ONE! To me, it’s a day to treat “that someone” to a day just for them. I want to show them how important they are and that we appreciate them, even if we don’t show it everyday. I remember how much I loved getting cards when… Continue reading Birthday Card Organizer

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Repurposed Baby Blankets

I love blankets! We have tons! At least 3 in every room in the house! When I got pregnant, I was blessed with friends and family who showered us with many gifts. I was given a lot of receiving blankets and baby blankets, or I would pick up another one if I thought it was… Continue reading Repurposed Baby Blankets

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Nighttime Notebooks

Back when my girls were little, I was keeping a journal about what we did that day. One for each girl. When T started Kindergarten, I thought it would good to get her to journal and practice her letters. (It became a great communication tool for us when she was being bullied, and was too… Continue reading Nighttime Notebooks

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Recipe Books

I love to bake. I love my girls. Put the two together, and you can create a fun bonding time (and maybe a mess or two). I always try to include the girls, when I can. I have tons of pics of the 3 of us together working in the kitchen. One day, while making… Continue reading Recipe Books