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Get back on the Horse

We've all heard the phrase, "get back on the horse".  The girls have been taking riding lessons for a few years now and they've been stepped on, bucked off, smashed fingers, sore legs and fallen off the horse.  They may not realize it, but these moments, in this sport, are actually life lessons in disguise. … Continue reading Get back on the Horse



Confession time!  I have a big problem with fear.  Now, I'm not talking about the times when you "walk around a corner and almost bump into someone fear".  I'm talking about the fear that takes your breath away.  The heart pounding, paralyzing fear. Here's an example: In my mind: I hear a bump in the… Continue reading FAITH OVER FEAR

Letters to my girls, Momma, Parenting


What I would say to the victim... Bullies are just louder than others and those are the ones we tend to hear. Bullies tend to be the only thing we see when we are hurt. We can't see the people who have our backs, or those who are being kind because all we feel and… Continue reading Bullies


Prayers with Preschoolers

The girls and I teach preschool once a month at our church with two other fabulous ladies. The five of us have become a "well oiled machine". Before the preschoolers have their snack, I ask them a series of questions. They have gotten so used my questions they almost ask them with me. 1. "Who… Continue reading Prayers with Preschoolers

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The Bigger Picture

T had an art project due in a few days. She was working steadily on it but was getting so frustrated with the look of it because it wasn't the perfect image that she had in her head. I came home to a very frustrated girl. To me it was beautiful. The piece was just… Continue reading The Bigger Picture

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Two choices

T had to write a poem for her English Literature class.  The topic was to be choices, serious, and personal.   With her permission, I am sharing her poem.   Two choices that day:  Tell my mom or hide away.  I bury my cries in my pillow.  Everyone asks if something is wrong.  I say no,  and… Continue reading Two choices

Letters to my girls, Momma, Parenting

Everybody has Problems!

My sweet girlies, I've got another life lesson for you that most adults haven't figured out yet.   Everybody has problems!  EVERYBODY!  For some reason we think WE should be exempt.  No one is exempt.  Problems are going to come.  Life is not perfect, and usually problems come "at the worst times" in our lives.  Times… Continue reading Everybody has Problems!

Letters to my girls, Momma, Parenting

Mom Courage

I've changed their diapers.  I've dressed them and helped tie their shoes.  I've fed them.  I've watched every growth spurt, and every tooth come in. I've helped with the "impossible" math homework... ... now they are taller than me and have been doing all this on their own for years.   Somewhere along the way I… Continue reading Mom Courage

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Lord, run my day. 

This time of year, with the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays,  life can be super busy and sometimes stressful.   When you have a business that thrives in the 4th quarter, your days can be so full with simply answering questions and solving problems that you can't even check your emails from the day before.  The incessant… Continue reading Lord, run my day. 

Faith, Letters to my girls, Momma

Things I’ve learned from my Mom

I remember being a kid and thinking that 40 was old.  Now I'm 40 and let me tell you, 40 is NOT OLD!  My mom is turning 70 this week!  I hope I'm as healthy and happy as she is, when I hit 70.   I've learned a lot from watching my mom. Some things I… Continue reading Things I’ve learned from my Mom