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I have a dear friend who I can pour out my "MOM HEART" to and she gets it! We began our friendship with PAGES of handwritten letters, unloading everything onto each other when our girls were just babies. Later in our friendship we had long talks on my couch or at her dining room table. … Continue reading I AM NORMAL!

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We've hit this stage in our parenting where boys are starting to take notice of our girls. We were out to dinner one night and I noticed a boy "do a double take".  I put my head down and giggled.   Hubby is SO NOT READY for this stage. He said they can date as… Continue reading Entrust

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Life of a Soccer Mom

When soccer (or really any sport) is your children's lives, it becomes your life, and life seems to move around the sport. Laundry loads are based around what jersey needs washed for tomorrow's game. Meal planning is essential, and the crockpot is a permanent fixture in the counter. Soccer bags, muddy cleats, sweaty socks, and… Continue reading Life of a Soccer Mom

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Soccer is my life

Sun beating down.   I can almost feel each sun ray driving into my skin. Cleats tied up.   Ball at my feet.   Opponent’s coach says, “This is our biggest rival.”  ...Great,  more pressure. They have beaten us in the past.   This is going to be a tough game.  Whistle blows.  Move.  … Continue reading Soccer is my life

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The Mom Doubts

When they were babies,  and they would cry,  I would go though the questions.  Is she hungry?  Does she need a diaper change?  Is she too hot?  Do I hold her or let her cry it out?  Am I holding her too much?  Am I not holding her enough? Then as a toddler... of course… Continue reading The Mom Doubts

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T, 13 things before you turn 13

I can't believe you are 13!  Where did my baby go? So another birthday,  another letter from your momma.   3 years ago I wrote you what I thought you needed to know to "do life".  I still believe you need those words, but I also know you need more.   So,  my girl,  here are the… Continue reading T, 13 things before you turn 13

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Momma, Set the Pace

A few years ago,  we were on vacation in Disney World. Trying to get to one of the shows, my youngest and I were "bringing up the rear" and my hubby turned around and said,  "Come on, let's walk a little faster so we can make the show on time."  I said,  "We are trying… Continue reading Momma, Set the Pace

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Daily Choice

A lot of times we share only the good parts of our lives,  but if we can't share the bad, then how can we truly share in the good?  So here it is. This morning I woke up to arguing about the cereal box and milk.  I let it go.  They need to learn to… Continue reading Daily Choice

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Kids say the darndest things

I was looking back at some notes I had written in my "memory notebooks" and came across some of these hilarious memories that I had forgotten. 1. One night we were sitting in church, all four of us, and my youngest saw the Bible in the pew rack and pulled it out. She opened up… Continue reading Kids say the darndest things

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Letting Go

Around Christmas, our oldest was invited to a youth group all-nighter. When I told my hubby that she was invited AND wanted to go, his response had me laughing so hard I was crying. He said, with all seriousness, "Why does she want to be with her friends instead of us?" To which I replied,… Continue reading Letting Go