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Never Laugh at Your Husband

NEVER LAUGH AT YOUR HUSBAND. Hubby loves chocolate milk for breakfast. Some mornings that's all he has until lunch. Yesterday, he just poured the milk into the chocolate syrup bottle and shook it up. (Btw, if you ever want to prank your coworkers this is a great way- coworker thought he was just drinking chocolate… Continue reading Never Laugh at Your Husband

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We’ve got your six!

From the moment I first saw you, you were smiling. You were the happiest baby I've ever met.  When you were born, the first thing I noticed about you was your perfectly shaped lips.  Lips that would grow to be encouraging, funny and say some of the most quick witted comments.  You have made us… Continue reading We’ve got your six!

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Things Every Kid Needs to Hear from Their Parents!

We all have influence, no matter our age.  You may think you have no influence, or you don't matter, but you do!  You changed the world by just being born, and every day of your life, you matter!  You bring a light to this world that was not present on this earth until you were… Continue reading Things Every Kid Needs to Hear from Their Parents!

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Christmas Sunday Moms

Sunday morning was Christmas Sunday, the Sunday right before Christmas. Little girls in frilly dresses. Little boys tugging at the tie mom made him wear. It is the last Sunday that we can hand out our gifts and Christmas cards to our church friends. The Sunday service is for rejoicing and remembering the real reason… Continue reading Christmas Sunday Moms

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Jesus First

Have you ever waited a long time for an answer that felt like it was never going to come? Have you shared a concern to a friend, only to discover that you are now more impatient than you were before you shared your fears? Have you talked about your problem to friends more than you… Continue reading Jesus First

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See Yourself Through My Eyes

In June, I found out my youngest threw away her art pieces... in the school dumpster!!!... on the last day of school.  I was not happy!  She said they "weren't good".   I told her that "I deem what is good".   She just smirked at me and I said her full name and shook my head. … Continue reading See Yourself Through My Eyes

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Holding back from moving forward.

My youngest starts her senior year of high school this week, and my oldest starts her first year of college. I feel like I'm the mom in the driver's seat that has just slammed on the breaks of the car and thrust my arm out to stop her and protect her. I'm wanting to hold… Continue reading Holding back from moving forward.

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Sitting in the Grief

One of my personality goals is "to be a help". It's how I view the world. I see needs, I fill them. You are stressed? Have a sick one in your family? Out of work? Whatever it may be, let me take some of it from you. I'll make you a meal. I'll watch your… Continue reading Sitting in the Grief

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Best Part of Your Day?

When the girls were little, as we did our bedtime routine, one of the last things I would say before I walked out of their room was, "What was the best part of your day?" I started saying it as a way to distract them from the desire to stay awake. What kid doesn't hate… Continue reading Best Part of Your Day?

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Dear Class of 2021

While your parents may be the loudest applause tonight, as you walk across the stage, THIS momma is silently remembering your soccer games, baseball games, field trips, class parties, and you being in our home, many nights, celebrating our girls lives. I still see some of you in Kindergarten, when I would come to help… Continue reading Dear Class of 2021

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Be still… so God can move

I read about a lady who decided that she was going to be completely still for a few minutes a day for 14 days. I read through her daily notes while she was trying this experiment. The first few days were hard. She would wiggle. She would try to not think, but thinking happened. She… Continue reading Be still… so God can move

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Simply “Thursdays”

My favorite day of the week is Thursday. When I tell people that, they usually laugh and ask, "Why Thursday?" My response has always been, "because it's so close to the weekend and the anticipation of what's to come is so great.... ... but then Friday comes and goes and before we know it's Sunday… Continue reading Simply “Thursdays”


Living a lie or Desiring God?

I like happy and joyful things, so writing this is hard for me.  I claim to be "real".  I claim to want to share my thoughts and feelings about my motherhood and I encourage others to "just be real".  However there is this part of my thought life that I don't like to share.  The… Continue reading Living a lie or Desiring God?

Letters to my girls

Your Future Has Begun!

When you were born, I looked into those big blue eyes and I saw so much. Eyes that were taking it all in. Eyes that were so inquisitive. Eyes that just wanted to see it all and experience it all.You always were a kid who wanted to please. You wanted to be the best and… Continue reading Your Future Has Begun!

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A Family Promise

I cried myself to sleep the other night with feelings of nostalgia. I was thinking how quickly the girls have grown. I remembered how every birthday I would trace their little hand, and see how big it had gotten that year. I was thinking about how lately they are driving all over the place and… Continue reading A Family Promise

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“This house does not run Itself!”

I am a wife of a very caring, loving husband who is my friend and we are raising our girls to recognize that the household does not run itself! We all work together to keep it going. You've heard me say before, this family does life together. That includes working together, (YES, we work at… Continue reading “This house does not run Itself!”

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The Last Days that I missed

This weekend we did a tour of a college. The whole time I'm walking around this school and listening to the guide, I'm looking at both my girls and realizing that at some point they stopped looking like my little girls and looked like grown college students. They fit there. They looked like college kids.… Continue reading The Last Days that I missed

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“DRIVING HEAD ON” into a new relationship with my daughters

My itty bitty...who is now inches taller than me, got her driver's license! The places she can go, the experiences she can she can have them without me by her side.Oh the fear!  Not the fear of her driving, (although there is always the safety concern) but the fear that she is growing… Continue reading “DRIVING HEAD ON” into a new relationship with my daughters

Letters to my girls

Father’s Day

S passed her driver's test today. My Dad taught me to drive.  My hubby is teaching our girls to drive.  Hubby is the right person to teach our girls to drive.  While my dad tried so hard with me and put so many hours into teaching me, I still drive like I'm training for a zombie… Continue reading Father’s Day

Letters to my girls

What I see in my 16 year old S!

How in the world is my baby 16?! From the moment I first saw you, you were smiling. You were the happiest baby I've ever met. Giggly, loving the entertainment from your 1 year old big sister and Max the dog. I have learned so much about life and people from watching you and how… Continue reading What I see in my 16 year old S!

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I am Woman hear me roar!

I just heard my youngest say to a group of boys, "Yes, I'm a girl!". She said it with pride. See, she was playing a video game with some friends and they couldn't believe that "a girl" was "THAT GOOD" at video games. (She also got the passion award in school for geometry this year.)… Continue reading I am Woman hear me roar!

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She Believed She Could

There is this very common phrase out there that says, "She believed she could, so she did." This is my new favorite shirt. While I believe that we women can do anything we put our minds to, I do believe that I can NOT do it without the Lord. I need Him in every aspect… Continue reading She Believed She Could

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Seeing the world from other lenses

Picture this...I have a pair of glasses on that can only see green colors. All the other colors are seen as gray. Now, you have a pair of glasses on that only see blue. You can't see my green colors and I can't see your blue colors. Well, what would happen if we traded glasses?… Continue reading Seeing the world from other lenses

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Home Intruder or is it just the Dog?

Our dog, Minnie, has been very confused over the past few weeks on who to go to for her needs. Since spring break and this virus quarantine, T has been her main caretaker and she looks to T, when she wants fed even when I'm home. The last few nights she's been leaving our room… Continue reading Home Intruder or is it just the Dog?

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Keep your eyes on Jesus

Immediately Jesus made His disciples get into the boat and go before Him to the other side, while He sent the multitudes away. And when He had sent the multitudes away, He went up on the mountain by Himself to pray. Now when evening came, He was alone there. But the boat was now in… Continue reading Keep your eyes on Jesus

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Do Battle with Worship

I'm the Nursery Director at our church. I love being the Nursery Director. I love the kids. I love the parents. I love the volunteers. I enjoy getting to know each of them. My desire for the parents of these little ones, is that they get a chance to step into the worship service and… Continue reading Do Battle with Worship

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Enneagram and Christians

Some dear friends introduced me to the ENNEAGRAM and I'm learning a lot about myself.   I'm learning about what motivates me and why I do the things I do.  It's helped give a "name" to things and helps me correct certain behaviors. Enneagram in the Greek language simply is Ennea=9, Gram=Diagram. The Enneagram is a 9… Continue reading Enneagram and Christians

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Marrying the WHOLE family

I've heard it said that when you get married, you marry the whole family. For some people that is terrifying. For me it wasn't. You want your spouse's family to like you and it can be so nerve-racking when you "meet the family". Hubby kept telling me "they will love you" but of course I… Continue reading Marrying the WHOLE family

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“DRIVING FORWARD” into a new relationship with my daughters

My oldest took her driver's test today. As with most parents, there are new fears when your teen starts driving, but after driving with her in a most recent snow storm I realized that I've moved into a new relationship with my girls.I've always been one of those mommas who tried to suck up every… Continue reading “DRIVING FORWARD” into a new relationship with my daughters

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Don’t judge your neighbors

For the past 3 nights, when I put our dog out to go potty before bed, I've been noticing that the neighbors behind our house have been standing and staring out a window and looking at our house. The first night I thought, is he looking at me? Can he see me in my pjs?… Continue reading Don’t judge your neighbors

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What I’ve learned from my Little Sister

My sister is one of the strongest, funniest, sassiest, beautiful women you will ever meet. She is goofy, and fun and tries makes everyone have a good time. She hates awkward moments and will try to make a joke and make the moment more lighthearted. I lived with her for almost 22 years and she… Continue reading What I’ve learned from my Little Sister

Letters to my girls

Best Mom in the World

What mom doesn't like to hear phrases like, "You are such a great mom!" "You are such a fun mom!" "Your kids are so lucky to have a mom like you." "I love your mom!" (Said from your kid's friends.) All those phrases make us feel so good about ourselves and for that brief moment… Continue reading Best Mom in the World

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Mother’s Day

T passed her driver's permit test this morning. Mom's of little ones... you won't have a date to mark the "last bath", the last time you "pick them up for snuggle", the last time "they come running to grab onto your knees when you walk in the door". Cherish those moments. Even when it's a… Continue reading Mother’s Day

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What I see in my 16 year old, T

T! How in the world are you 16? How is it possible that tiny, little 6 lb baby is now taller than me and is so fiercely independent? I have learned so much from you, my girl. You were a serious baby. As a newborn you were "taking it all in". Your eyes wide, looking… Continue reading What I see in my 16 year old, T

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Mom is still learning too

Dear girlies, You know what the hardest part about parenting is... it's that I've never done it before. I don't know what I'm doing! I'm still learning about what it means to be a parent and you are still learning about what it means to be a kid. I've only been at this for 15.75… Continue reading Mom is still learning too

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Disney Parenting 101

I've just discovered what kind of parent I am. Well, what kind I want to be, based off of Disney Movie characters. There are all kinds of parenting styles in this world and most are portrayed in Disney movies. There is Jasmine's dad, the Sultan, who is worrying about his daughter's future and the path… Continue reading Disney Parenting 101

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“Momma Bear, Get Back in the Cave!”

I am generally a very kind and sweet person. I am usually super smiley and I look for ways to encourage people throughout the day and I try to extend grace and forgiveness to those around me. I wear my heart on my sleeve and on my face. However, deep down inside, when my girls… Continue reading “Momma Bear, Get Back in the Cave!”

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The Joyful Pessimist

I am a pessimist. I don't love being a pessimist but I have embraced the fact that I am one. I tend to look at life and see what could go wrong. When people ask how we are doing, my first reaction is to tell them the negative things going on in our lives. It's… Continue reading The Joyful Pessimist

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Things I’ve learned from my Daddy

My Dad is going to be 70 this November. Besides the basic needs in life, he has taught me that a girl can do "boy things" like checking the oil in your car engine and how to mow the lawn. I've learned a lot from my dad in my 41 years. My dad is one… Continue reading Things I’ve learned from my Daddy

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Get back on the Horse

We've all heard the phrase, "get back on the horse".  The girls have been taking riding lessons for a few years now and they've been stepped on, bucked off, smashed fingers, sore legs and fallen off the horse.  They may not realize it, but these moments, in this sport, are actually life lessons in disguise. … Continue reading Get back on the Horse



Confession time!  I have a big problem with fear.  Now, I'm not talking about the times when you "walk around a corner and almost bump into someone fear".  I'm talking about the fear that takes your breath away.  The heart pounding, paralyzing fear. Here's an example: In my mind: I hear a bump in the… Continue reading FAITH OVER FEAR

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What I would say to the victim... Bullies are just louder than others and those are the ones we tend to hear. Bullies tend to be the only thing we see when we are hurt. We can't see the people who have our backs, or those who are being kind because all we feel and… Continue reading Bullies


Prayers with Preschoolers

The girls and I teach preschool once a month at our church with two other fabulous ladies. The five of us have become a "well oiled machine". Before the preschoolers have their snack, I ask them a series of questions. They have gotten so used my questions they almost ask them with me. 1. "Who… Continue reading Prayers with Preschoolers

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The Bigger Picture

T had an art project due in a few days. She was working steadily on it but was getting so frustrated with the look of it because it wasn't the perfect image that she had in her head. I came home to a very frustrated girl. To me it was beautiful. The piece was just… Continue reading The Bigger Picture

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Two choices

T had to write a poem for her English Literature class.  The topic was to be choices, serious, and personal.   With her permission, I am sharing her poem.   Two choices that day:  Tell my mom or hide away.  I bury my cries in my pillow.  Everyone asks if something is wrong.  I say no,  and… Continue reading Two choices

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Everybody has Problems!

My sweet girlies, I've got another life lesson for you that most adults haven't figured out yet.   Everybody has problems!  EVERYBODY!  For some reason we think WE should be exempt.  No one is exempt.  Problems are going to come.  Life is not perfect, and usually problems come "at the worst times" in our lives.  Times… Continue reading Everybody has Problems!

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Mom Courage

I've changed their diapers.  I've dressed them and helped tie their shoes.  I've fed them.  I've watched every growth spurt, and every tooth come in. I've helped with the "impossible" math homework... ... now they are taller than me and have been doing all this on their own for years.   Somewhere along the way I… Continue reading Mom Courage

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Lord, run my day. 

This time of year, with the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays,  life can be super busy and sometimes stressful.   When you have a business that thrives in the 4th quarter, your days can be so full with simply answering questions and solving problems that you can't even check your emails from the day before.  The incessant… Continue reading Lord, run my day. 

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Things I’ve learned from my Mom

I remember being a kid and thinking that 40 was old.  Now I'm 40 and let me tell you, 40 is NOT OLD!  My mom is turning 70 this week!  I hope I'm as healthy and happy as she is, when I hit 70.   I've learned a lot from watching my mom. Some things I… Continue reading Things I’ve learned from my Mom

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I have a dear friend who I can pour out my "MOM HEART" to and she gets it! We began our friendship with PAGES of handwritten letters, unloading everything onto each other when our girls were just babies. Later in our friendship we had long talks on my couch or at her dining room table. … Continue reading I AM NORMAL!