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Mid Summer Freak Out

I’m doing it again.   It’s July!  The 4th of July, Independence celebrations have come and gone.  My daisies are blooming.


That place that starts with an “S” is going to start up again in a few short weeks and I haven’t had enough time with my babies.

I think what is really freaking me out is that my oldest is starting high school and my youngest is in her last year of middle school.   I’m seriously questioning where the time went.  I feel like they were just in 3rd grade.   I wanna go back.   I want more time.

Last night I was having this “freak out/pity party” and the girls and hubby were laughing.   I can’t believe how fast it went.

I remember being the mom of 2 toddlers and thinking it would never end.   They would be these uncontrollable, wild girls who couldn’t hold still for one second.   I look at those mom’s with toddlers of their own and see their frustrations and the pure exhaustion and really do wish I could go back in time…

…Time for more snuggles, time for more boo-boo kisses, time they finally wore themselves out and crashed in my arms…


…I would miss the talks with my now teens, the things we can do together “just us girls”, the boardgames they can now play  (instead of 500 times of “candy lane”), the movies we can watch together, even the fact that when they “help” with chores they are REALLY HELPING and I don’t have to do it all over again myself.

So,  for you exhausted mommas who think they will be toddlers forever, take it from a mom of teens, it REALLY does go fast. Buckle up, momma.   One day you will be looking back and wishing for those good ole days.


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