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Change is Hard

Change is hard and death… well, it sucks. I’ve been thinking how “life” can bring these hard times and how awful they can be to go through, BUT how thankful and how grateful I am to not be going through them alone.

I think back on my life, a hard time in my family when we had a church split and at the age of 15, I had to leave the only church I knew.  It was a hard time.   It was a change.  No one likes change, but had our church not gone through that change, and had my family not left the church, I would have never met your Daddy!

That new church, a new circle of believers, a stage I stood on to sing in the choir,  had we not left the church,  I would not have seen your Daddy walk down the aisle with Nana on his arm.

The Lord brings change for a reason.   I only saw the bad and the hard.  Now,  when I can look back,  had we not gone through the hard thing, I wouldn’t have had the best thing to (literally) WALK INTO MY LIFE.

Just remember, my sweet,  change can be hard right now,  but the Lord has a plan. How thankful we don’t have to do it alone!


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