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We’ve hit this stage in our parenting where boys are starting to take notice of our girls. We were out to dinner one night and I noticed a boy “do a double take”.  I put my head down and giggled.   Hubby is SO NOT READY for this stage.

He said they can date as much as they want….FROM OUR LIVING ROOM COUCH!

It got me thinking though, through all their years of life, we have wanted a relationships with our girls’ friends.  I’m a parent who wants to know who my daughter is hanging out with and where they are going.  I genuinely love my daughter’s friends and I am honored that their parents allow us to be in their daughter’s lives.  Birthday parties, school field trips, etc., are great times to get to know who the kids YOUR KID chooses to be friends with.
I love that my girls have chosen to be with girls who love the Lord, show kindness and encouragement to each other, and realize that their relationships are important.

Well,  as I noticed this boy noticing my girls, I realized that we are going to have to one day ENTRUST a boy with our daughter. It was one of those moments where I realized what my parents must have gone through when my sister and I started dating.  (You know the moment.  You “get it” now.   You understand what your parents were thinking, now that you are a parent.)

One day, a boy is going to walk into our home and want to date, get engaged, and marry our daughter.  We as parents are going to have to ENTRUST this boy with OUR DAUGHTER, our sweet little girl!

We want, NEED, to truly know this boy.

My parents love my hubby.   My hubby knew the importance of getting to know “the family”.  He has a great relationship with my parents.   Now, as a parent, we realize, even more, how important that relationship is.

So, even though my hubby was joking about our girls dating from our living room couch, it actually will probably be more true to life.

Sorry girls, but you are just too precious to Daddy and I, to just let “anyone” walk into your life.  One day, you will understand. 


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