Letters to my girls

Heels Over Head

This morning, sitting in our favorite pew in church, singing “How Great is Our God”, it hit me how different this church service could have been for the girls and I.

Two days ago, Hubby was in the attic at work, running wire to relocate a computer to another part of the factory.  While in the attic, he was standing on a 2×4 and it snapped.  He said that as his feet hit the dry wall, the thought that when through his head was, “What am I going to come down on?”

The image of his head bouncing off a 5 gallon steel bucket, and denting that bucket with his head has played over and over in my head.  As he fell, he scratched and clawed at anything he could find, causing his fingernails to rip.  The heels of his feet hit some boxes that flipped him to his back.  He hit boxes and steel buckets on his way to the floor.


I ran to where he laid on the cold cement floor, sure we were calling 911.  He stood up, and started brushing the insulation off of his clothes.

How was he standing?

I kept touching him and checking his pupils.  I was sure he was NOT o.k.  and thinking he had to be in shock and it would hit him at any minute.  He refused to go get checked out.  I suggested we go sit and eat lunch.  During lunch I kept staring him.  (I was driving him crazy.)  He slowly turned to me and said, “Stop, I’m fine.”

All night long, I watched him breath.  I even reached over a few times and put my hand under his nose to feel his breath.  The next morning I had to work, and had our daughters keep a close watch on him.  I got a phone call from my oldest saying, “Mom!  Dad is hanging the new shower curtain road.  He is not resting!”  I told her to go “yell” at him.


So, today, I am sitting in church, singing “How Great is Our God”, and the tears won’t stop.  I can not thank the Lord enough for protecting my husband.  This weekend could have been very different for the girls and I.  Had he fallen on the tables full of glass jars we would have been picking glass out of his head.  Had he fallen on the steel rods, in another part of the factory, he could have broken his back.

No broken bones.  No concussion.  No blood.

We are praising our God for his protection….and holding onto each other a little tighter.


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