Faith, Letters to my girls

The Leaning Process


No person is good enough to be loved by God.
No one sin is “greater” than another.
We all are “failures” when it comes to being good enough.  The best part of all of that…God loves us anyway.
He loves us despite our failures and faults.   He loves us regardless of how we behave.   He just wants us to be ourselves, admit our faults to Him and realize that we need Him…AND BOY DO WE NEED HIM!

To be a “good” Christian, isn’t about reading your Bible everyday, or talking about “religious” things all the time.  It’s about admitting to the One who created us that we are sinners and we need Him, admitting to Him that we can’t do this life without His help.

Life can get messy.  Life can be ugly.   Sometimes those messy, ugly times are times the Lord is trying to teach us something.

It’s just a time for learning.  Time to look at what the Lord might be trying to teach you. This “learning process” needs to become a “leaning process”.  Leaning on Him for all our needs.  Leaning on Him to provide. Leaning on Him for direction in our next step.   Letting Him take the lead.

What a life of peace we could have if we looked at every trial, every problem, every purchase, every road we travel, every day at work, and every minute of every day in His control.

He holds it all in His hands.   It’s time to lean on Him and let Him do what He’s going to do.

“Let’s let God be God.”



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