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Give me 5!

You know how it’s hard to see things clearly sometimes, when you’re too close?  Those are the times we need a perspective change.

Kids,  as well as adults,  need reminders that sometimes our circumstances are not as bad as we are making them out to be.   An “attitude of gratitude” is needed.

I’ve started a “Give me 5” in our family.

Complaints about school?
-Give me 5 things you are grateful for about school.
Sister is annoying you?
-Give me 5 things you are grateful for about your sister.
It’s raining, and we had outdoor plans?
….you get the point.


They must stop what they are doing and “give me 5”.

Yes,  I’ve gotten some eye rolling,  and some sighs, but they are seeing, that by making that choice, their view on life is changing.

They, also, have my permission to tell me to give them 5 when they hear me complaining, AND THEY HAVE!

Joy is a choice.

Changing your perspective is a choice.

Sometimes we don’t realize that by complaining we are making a choice.  Choosing to see the “little things” more positively, will help you be more grateful during the “big things”.


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