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Momma, Set the Pace

A few years ago,  we were on vacation in Disney World. Trying to get to one of the shows, my youngest and I were “bringing up the rear” and my hubby turned around and said,  “Come on, let’s walk a little faster so we can make the show on time.”  I said,  “We are trying our best Daddy!”  He said, “Yes Momma,  but YOU set the pace!”

At the time I was semi annoyed, but as I look back on it, he was so right!

You know that famous phrase… “When Momma ain’t happy, ain’t nobody happy!”

I’ve noticed when I’m in bad mood,  hubby and the girls are “on edge”.  Noone is happy.

When I choose to…
…let “it” go,
…let joy win,
…look at my circumstances from God’s perspective,
…look at the positive side of things

….everyone is happy.

Have you ever noticed how laughter can be contagious?

That same Disney World trip was so rainy.   We were soaked.  There wasn’t a dry thing on us.  The girls were miserable.   Hubby and I were miserable.   We ducked under an awning to look at the park map.   Hubby opened the map, tilted his head down to read the map, and a WATERFALL cascaded down off his hat onto our already damp park map.

I got the giggles.   I couldn’t help it.   I started laughing.  I looked at the state we were in…soaked, tired, miserable…and I started laughing.  Like hysterical laughing.  Like no sound coming out,  whole body shaking laughing.

The girls looked at me like I had lost my mind.   Hubby looked up from the map and smiled at me. The girls saw their dad’s reaction and my oldest did a nervous laugh. Then my youngest started giggling. Within 45 seconds, all 4 of us were in hysterics.

Life is not easy. This world has enough sadness and pain and hurt to let the little things get you down. All those little things can add up and can put us in a sour mood.

“Set the pace”, Momma. Choose to let those little things go and turn a bad day into a hysterical one!
Try music.
Try prayer.
Try a moment for yourself.
Try to smile.
Try laughing.

Just remember, “You set the pace.”

That Disney World trip…well, it was my most favorite vacation ever!!!



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