Faith, Letters to my girls

Love for Today

You’ve heard the phrase,  “Live like it’s your last”, but I would suggest to you to “LOVE like it’s your last” day on earth.

We are not promised tomorrow.   If I have learned anything in my short 39 years, I’ve learned that life is short and fast.

If today was your last day on earth,  what kind of memories do you want people to have of you?   What kind of legacy do you want to leave behind?

When you lay your head down on your pillow at night,  and snuggle down in those soft blankets, I want you to look back on your day and think that you did everything you could to show love to the people who crossed your path today.

I want you to stop your tongue from saying something that could hurt.
I want your lips to smile at everyone who walks past you.
I want your eyes to see the hurt and needs in others.
I want your ears to listen not only to the words but the feelings.
I want your feet to take you to those who need a friend.
I want your arms to wrap around a hurting friend.
I want your legs to take you there quickly because time is so short….

…and I want you to enjoy all of it.

Some may not hold their tongue. Hold yours.
Some may not smile back. Smile anyway.
Some may not notice you. Choose to notice them.
Some may not listen to you. You listen to them.
Some people may “stiff-arm” you. Love them from afar.
Some may not hug back. Hug for the both of you.
Some may not show up for you. You show up for them.

We are not promised tomorrow. LOVE for today.



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