Authored BY MY GIRLS, Faith

Remember the Meaning of Christmas?

(This was written by 12 year old T. She wrote what was in her heart.)


If you don’t remember the meaning of Christmas I’ll tell you what the meaning is. The meaning of Christmas isn’t presents or family games. It’s not all about Santa Claus or hanging out with friends. It’s not about eggnog or decorating a Christmas tree. It’s about Christ. That’s why it’s called Christmas.

Christ was born on Christmas. People make it xmas because they don’t like the fact that Christ is in Christmas. I’m not going to capitalize the xmas because it’s just the letter x and a mas at the end. Christ is the savior of the world, and has meaning. X is just a letter and has no meaning at all.

Christ was born to die for everyone. He died to save us and rescue us from death. He was willing to sacrifice himself. He came as a baby and was born in a manger. The fact that people don’t care about Him and want to listen to what people have to say about him is unbelievable to me.

You may not know who I am, but I am a believer in Christ. I challenge you to say to someone merry Christmas, and pronounce it like Christ with a long i. It doesn’t matter if they mock you or say something mean to you. Just remember Christ. He’ll be there for you and be by your side. He’ll be by your side for the rest of your life.

Don’t forget the meaning of Christmas, and open your presents without remembering Christ. Don’t take Christ out of Christmas and make it xmas.

When you read this share it with everyone you know especially the people who are unbelievers.

To: all who don’t remember what the meaning of Christmas is.
From: a family member in Christ.


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