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Smile from the Heart

“Smile from the Heart.”

My very own, made up by myself, true to my life, MOTTO.

Ok,  so it doesn’t sound like I could have made it up on my own,  but I did.  Maybe someone, some where out there in the big wide world said it first,  but I had never heard it before and to a high school girl of 14, it sounded just perfect for me.


I drew hearts filled with smiley faces on all my school notes.   I eventually dropped the hearts and just stuck with the smile.



What does it mean?   There are many different kinds of smiles you can give.
You can give the “shy” smile.
The “I’m happy to see you” smile.  The “hello” smile.
The “I know exactly what you are thinking” smile.
The “I love you” smile.
THE FAKE, “I’m ok” smile.

The “Smile from the Heart” smile is so BIG your eyes squint!  You show your teeth, and you don’t care how silly you look because you are sharing your smile with the world in hopes of making someone else smile.   The “pure joy” smile.

There is a difference ON THE FACE  when their is a difference IN THE HEART.

You may think you can fake it,  or say you are fine, but your face shows it.  The people closest to you can see it.   That’s why when you tell me that you are “fine” and I say, “No you’re not!”  I’m your mom, and I know you, and I can tell.

I know I talk about wanting you to be happy, but what I really want for you is to feel JOY.  Joy and happiness are different.

Happiness is focus on yourself.   Joy is focus on others.

Happiness is emotional.  Joy is a choice.

Happiness is temporary.   Joy is eternal.

Happiness is dependent on good circumstances.
Joy is gratitude even during the hard times.

Happiness is looking to others to make us feel good.
Joy is faith and trust in the Lord.

Joy is knowing that God is in control and we are not.

Joy is opening our eyes in the morning, and realizing that we don’t have to fear, worry, or stress because the Lord has already “paved out” our day.  Every day.

Is Joy easy to get?  No.  It’s a faith, belief and choice.  You have to choose to look at life through the One who created you,  instead of looking at the ones He created.  Instead of running to the people in front of you, close your eyes, lift your head, SMILE,  and thank Him for being your Joy!

Share your joy!   Share your smile.  “Smile from your heart!”


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