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Change the World

When someone mentions the name “Abe Lincoln” what image comes to mind?   Long black beard and tall  black hat, right?
Did you know that an 11 year old little girl was the one that told him he should grow a beard?  Her name was Grace Bedell.  She wrote a letter to President Lincoln (weeks before he was elected president) and told him that he would look good with a beard.  Later, after his election, Lincoln met Grace Bedell.


(Image of Lincoln Bedell statue, Westfield, New York)

Imagine, that without this little girl’s influence, our “image” of President Lincoln would be completely different.

My reason for telling you this story, my sweet girls, you have NO IDEA the power and influence you have in this world.   You can CHANGE THE WORLD!  No matter your age, height, or gender.  YOU have the ability to change the world.

The simple smile in the hall to a lonely girl,  the “Missed you today.” text you send to your friend who was absent from school today,  the arm around the shoulder of your sister…all little things,  BUT OH SO BIG in their lives!

You don’t know how those simple little things could change someone’s world.   You don’t know what’s going on inside their hearts and heads.   You can’t see the pain, or sorrow, but you could change them.

It’s the kind words,  the smile, THE PRAYERS!  The high five,  the “you’ll get it”, showing up to their game,  going to their party, the “way to go”, the “THAT IS MY FRIEND!” yelled across the soccer field…simple words and deeds,  but WHAT A LIFE CHANGER IT CAN BE!

You can make a difference.  All it takes is a little effort,  a little time,  a little selfless act of kindness…very little is “required” to make this change happen,  but what a HUGE impact it could have… AND NOT ONLY TO JUST THAT PERSON!  They could go on to the next person and pass on the same kind act…and the next….and the next….

I can hear it now….

“Watch out for that girl!  She might just change the world one day!”

Go do it!
Go out there and CHANGE THE WORLD….Because you can!


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