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Momma’s having a Meltdown

I had a meltdown today.   Probably could call it a temper tantrum, but it was minus the laying down and kicking part.

It was like the world was against me today.  Like I could do nothing right!

Then I picked up my girls from soccer practice this evening to find out they have “TONS” of homework.

Really?  Just…. REALLY?!

Then I looked in the rear view mirror at “my perspective”!  My sweet girls already working hard on their homework on our 20 minute drive home.  Our Yorkie, sitting in the middle of both girls, looking back and forth at each of their faces, like if she stopped looking at them they would disappear.



I started thinking about how ridiculous my day was, basically started having a pity party.

THEN WHAM!  Hello!  Wake up!  You think you having been doing this day all by yourself?  You think you have no one that can handle your problems?

I looked up again at “my perspective”.  How can I teach these sweet girls about trusting the Lord with EVERY MINOR DETAIL,  if I don’t!  …If I let the stupid little things set me off into a meltdown.


Why does it seem easier to lean on the Lord’s shoulders with the GIGANTIC problems, but feel like we have to take on the little ones by ourselves?   Is it because I don’t want to go to Him, sounding like a little child at Christmas time with my “wish list”?  If He is capable to handle the GIGANTIC problems, He is certainly capable of taking the small ones.

It’s all a matter of “perspective”.  I am CONSTANTLY using the word “perspective” with the girls.  Reminding them that life is not always about what is going on in front of you.

We get consumed with the day to day, and assume it’s “up to us” to do it all,  when all along if we would just let Him take control it would be a lot less scary.

It hit me,  looking at my sweet girls, that those little things that stress me out really don’t matter.  Focus on what really matters.

It’s time to look UP and OUT, instead of what’s right in front of me.


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