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Daily Choice

A lot of times we share only the good parts of our lives,  but if we can’t share the bad, then how can we truly share in the good?  So here it is.

This morning I woke up to arguing about the cereal box and milk.  I let it go.  They need to learn to deal with this little things on their own, right?   Well it moved onto who’s water bottle was who’s and hubby jumped in and told them to stop fighting over little things.

Next thing I know I’m standing at the door behind one of the girls and she realized she forgot something, and turned around and said, “Move.”

Ohhhhhoooo.  You did not just talk to me that way!  I looked at her and said, “You do not talk to me that way.  I’ve had it!”  She said quietly, “sorry”, and I walked out to the car.

I sat down in the car seat and prayed a quick prayer and asked the Lord for wisdom on how to deal with it.  It was ONLY because of Him that I was able to CALMLY talk to them, because left up “to my own devices”, I’m sure it would have been more yelling and less talking.

This was my LECTURE:  “Dad and I “get on you” when you start snapping and being disrespectful, because if you are snapping at us AT HOME, what are you doing OUTSIDE of the home?   If you snap and argue with your friends and teachers at school, they will not want to be around you, AND this is not how a Christian young lady is supposed to act.  Christian means Christ follower and we were put on this earth to help show Christ’s love and lead more people to Him.   Do you think that people would want to be a Christian if this is how they see one acting?

Everyone is going to have good days and bad days,  but when your bad days start to be repetitive then something needs to change.

I ‘get it.’  I do it too!  There are mornings when I wake up and I haven’t gotten enough sleep and I’m just grumpy.  Those mornings I ask myself,  are my feelings hurt?  Did someone hurt me,  or am I just tired and have a bad attitude?  More likely I’m just grumpy and those are the mornings I keep my mouth shut, and do what I have to have to do.

Dad and I love you, and we want you to be the best young lady you can be.  Your speech needs to be filled with kindness and encouragement,  NOT anger or disrespect.”

(They said they understood and we drove the rest of the way to school.)
THEN,  I’m alone in the car and the tears start flowing.   All I can do is pray that I said the right things and that they have a good day.

I’ve been trying to remind them that attitude is a choice!

If I choose to have a good attitude and a right perspective, I’ll have a great day.   If I choose to let
the doubt,
the fear,
the pain,
the worry consume me then I’m going to be in a bad mood and have a bad day.

Am I going to choose to show kindness and encouragement when I’ve got a headache and I only got 4 hours of sleep and I’ve got piles of work to do?  Or am I going to let those STUPID little things get the better of me?

We have a choice to make every morning when we wake up.  Is today going to be a good day or a bad one?



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