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Strength, Wisdom, and Courage

We are approaching that time again in the year, the time of year I dread.  SCHOOL IS STARTING AGAIN!

Every morning, ever since the girls’ first day of kindergarten,  we pray on the way to school.  I pray for different things every day,  but I always end it with a specific phrase.  “Lord,  give them the strength and energy to get through the day, and wisdom and courage to handle each situation.”

A simple sentence that has so much meaning behind it,  became a “habit” to me,  but a “memory” to my youngest.

Imagine my pure joy, when I came across this charm for their charm bracelets.   I was thrilled!  It felt like a “God thing”, like He had lead me right to it.   So, of course, I had to buy them!


I was so excited to give them to the girls.  It was an Easter present when they were about 6 and 7.  You know that feeling when you have such anticipation to give a gift and you can picture the face of the recipient!  I was so excited.

I stood hovering over them and almost wanted to rip open the little package myself.   They opened it up and all I got was,  “It’s really pretty mom.”

I wanted to scream! “Wait!  Don’t you see it?  Don’t you see the words?  Don’t you ‘see’ the meaning?  I have prayed these words every morning for you and all you have to say is, “IT’S PRETTY!”

Well of course it meant more to me than it did them…until recently!

My in laws were here for a short visit and S had her bracelet.   She was showing my mother in law all the charms on it and when she got to it she said so “matter of fact”, “This one is what mom prays for every morning for us.”

…WAIT!  WHAT?  YOU ACTUALLY LISTEN?  You ACTUALLY hear me!  Then like a lightening bolt to MY head, “I wonder if this is how the Lord feels about me?!”

How many times had He told me to trust the Him?  How many times has He told me He is going to take care of EVERYTHING and yet I keep worrying and fear the things I can not do anything about!

I get frustrated with my children when I have to repeat myself over and over and I think it’s not “getting through”, and yet I do the same thing to Him!

Lord, thank you for reminding me DAILY that “you’ve got this” and I can fully trust YOU, the BEST parent, to teach my children that YOU are the one getting them through each day, AND that you will do it regardless if I pray for it or not.


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