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Choosing the Perfect Planner / Organizer

I am an organized person.  I have been my whole life.  Everything has a place.  That doesn’t mean my house is always spotless though. I hate to clean.  However, I’m constantly reorganizing and purging closets or drawers or even whole rooms.

Recently I was asked to give my opinion on buying a planner/organizer.  Here is my “expert” advice.

I LOVE planners and organizers.  Before buying any organizer or planner, you need to decide on a few things.
Here are a few questions to ask yourself before buying.

1.  How much you will write in it?  If it’s just to keep track of appointments and such, a little pocket calendar should be enough.
2.  Are you the only one who is going to need the info?  If you are wanting to the whole family to see the schedule you may want a fridge calendar.
3.  What kind of “view” do you want?     Daily, weekly, or monthly?
4.  Are you going to carry it around with you or leave it at home?  If you want to take it with you, you may want a simple one to throw into a side pocket of your purse.

When T was going into middle school and needed to buy a planner to keep track of her homework, she got a little overwhelmed at all the options.

I helped her choose by asking how much she planned on writing in it.  I asked her these questions.
1.  How big do you write?  (She writes VERY small.)
2.  What kind of “view” do you want?     Daily, weekly, or monthly?
3.  Are you just going to use it for homework or are you going to use it to keep track of your soccer schedule?
4.  Do you really want a planner that is as big as your textbooks or do you want something that can be easily slipped into a side pocket?

Who knew buying something to help you get your life organized COULD BE SO COMPLICATED!  😉

I have used planners and organizers and calendars of all types.  You have to find a system that works for you.

My personal system has changed over the years.  Right now I have a magnetic fridge calendar that has tons of space to write down things I want to get done at home, as well as meetings and appointments. (PLUS when I write chores or house cleaning on the calendar, and hubby sees what I want to get done, he DOES IT SOMETIMES!  Great “honey do points” for him!   😉


This magnetic calendar comes blank so you can use it for any year.  The bottom note section is where I write in my meal plan for the week.

ALONG WITH THE FRIDGE CALENDAR, I have an app on my phone (Google calendar) that everything goes in.  I ALWAYS have my phone.  I reference my calendar and schedule DAILY.

The Google app is fantastic.  You can color code for different schedules.  For example, I have work meetings colored green,  school is brown,  church is yellow,  soccer schedule is purple, etc.

The app syncs to almost any device AND my hubby has his own account and I just sync the two accounts.

Getting organized can be fun, but can be overwhelming if you are just starting up.  Don’t go crazy and buy a big planner if all you are going to use it for is keeping track of doctor appointments.  Do you really need that section on meal planning? Do you really need that section that’s just for notes?  Contact list?  Grocery list?

It may take time to figure out what you really like and need.   T realized the planner she bought was perfect for her school schedule and homework, but when it came to school projects she wished that she had more room to write.

Just try it.  You will learn after using it for awhile what works for you.   Also, DON’T STRESS OVER IT.   There are more important things/people in your life.  Hopefully by getting your schedules organized you can spend more time doing the things you love, WITH the people you love.


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