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Kids say the darndest things

I was looking back at some notes I had written in my “memory notebooks” and came across some of these hilarious memories that I had forgotten.

1. One night we were sitting in church, all four of us, and my youngest saw the Bible in the pew rack and pulled it out. She opened up the Bible and looked up at her dad and said, “Are these the ‘SCRIPTURES’?”


2. One day my sister and I were talking about how old we were getting and my sister said, “I don’t want to grow up.” T looked at my sister and said, “Aunt K, you need to grow up!” (My sister still calls herself a “big kid”.)


3. Putting girls to bed one night and my oldest asks if I’m going to bed too, and I told her I was going to watch TV a bit first. She said, “are you going to watch ‘SESAME STREET’ without me?”

4. Went to the beach and T kept calling the waves “microwaves”.



5. S started repeating me saying “crap” all the time. I told S she can’t say that word and T said, “no S! Only mommy can say that word.” I said, “mommy shouldn’t say that word either.” T looked at me and said, “Well quit it then!”

6. Frustrated at the girls for acting up in the grocery store and I said, “Do you think there will ever be a time we can go to the grocery store where you guys don’t act up?” T, so seriously said, “Probably not.”

7. Sitting in church one night, T asks, “Mom do you have puppet shows in ‘big church’? I said, “No. Do you in your class?” She said, “BUT you have a curtain!” I looked up at where she was pointing…the baptistry!


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