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Hubby, Before you turn 40

I think it only appropriate that since I wrote “letters” to my girls telling them what I wanted them to know before they turned 10, that I write one to my hubby before he turns 40.

Babe, I know I don’t say these things enough, and I COULD NEVER say them enough, but I mean them all, and on our “bad” days come back and reread them and KNOW this is how I truly feel.

1.  I can count on you.  Whether it be for simple things, (like killing the really scary bugs or changing the oil in my car), or the big things (like being there to hold me when I need to cry or being a daddy to our girls), I know I can count on you to be there and to take care of it… whatever “IT” is.

2.  You are HOT!  I can see your smile in my head as I say this.  😉  I love your face!  I have always been attracted to you and always will be.  You make my heart pound and cause butterflies to flutter in my stomach.  No matter how old we get, I will always feel this way about you.


3.  You don’t smile enough.   I love your smile.  It’s the first thing I fell in love with, and the first thing that made me blush.  When you smile I know you are saying you love me, you love our marriage, you love the girls, you love our life, and all is right in the world, and I can be at peace because you are smiling!  I know that’s a lot to expect from a smile, but it’s how I see it.  😉   The best smile is when I’m the reason you are smiling!


4.  I am different because of you! I try to be better, try to be healthier, try to do more even when I’m exhausted, try to go one more step, and try to be more selfless all because I have you in my life and know you try to do all those things for me. True love is not about how romantic a marriage is but how so much closer that person brings you to God.  You have helped me grow in my walk with the Lord.

5.  You are so smart! I know I tease you about your spelling mistakes but your knowledge of ALL things amazes me. image

6.  I believe you can fix anything!  Even if you have never seen it before, you will figure out how it works and can fix it.  I will always think this way, EVEN IF YOU CAN’T FIX IT!  You amaze me in your knowledge and skills of mechanics.


7.  You are my best friend.  You are the first person I want to run to when I’ve had a good day, and the first person I want to run to when I’ve had a bad day!  I tell you EVERYTHING.  I want to be with you all the time.  We could be in a dumpster and I’d still be happy because you were with me.


8.  I love being around you!  You are fun!  You make me laugh when you do silly things and when you sing in the shower.

image image image

9.  I’m proud of you.  I can’t talk about it enough.  You make me proud just to know you.  I like to brag about you.  I am proud to be your wife.

image image

10.  YOU ARE RIGHT!   😉  I know you don’t hear it enough!

11.  You are one of the best gifts I’ve ever gotten. I am so humbled God gave me you.


12. Our girls are so blessed to have a dad like you. You are an excellent role model and a great example of what kind of man the girls should look for.

image image image image image

13.  You are loved by many! You have so many people that love you just because of who you are. 14. You love well. You show your love to others and show that people come first. You try to help and fix and do so much for others. EVEN COMPLETE STRANGERS. I love watching you interact with others.


15. You need to stop taking the weight of the world on your shoulders by yourself.   Let me help. You don’t have to be responsible for it all. That’s why God gave you ME, to be your helper.


16. You are a great example of a Christ follower. You strive for excellence and you can SEE that your model is Jesus by how you live your life and how you love others.


17. I love your family. Your family is my family. I am blessed and honored to have them in my life.

image image image image

18. Thank you for all your hard work. We notice it. We may not always say thank you but we appreciate it.


19. I prayed for you before I met you. I just wish I would have found you sooner so I could have loved you longer.


20. I’m here for you. I’m not going anywhere. I will be by your side forever. We are doing this life together.


21. I love that you know me so well. You know when I can’t handle one more thing and you just take over.


22. I love that you are a manly man! I love that you are tough and strong but yet gentle enough to let the girls dress you up and play tea party.

image image

23. I love that your faith is unwavering. You know what you believe and why you believe it.


24. I wish I was more like you.

25. I respect you. I know there may be moments when it seems as if I don’t, but I really do. I respect your decisions and the way you lead this family.

26. I will follow your leading. image

27. I feel safe with you. Not just when you are there to kill the scary bugs or be there to hold me when I have nightmare, but truly safe. Just your presence by my side gives me peace and confidence that we will be “OK” in any situation.


28. I would marry you again! I will always choose you.

image image

29. I miss you when we are apart. Of course everyone needs alone time, but just so you know, I do you miss you when we aren’t together.

30. I appreciate when you LISTEN to me. I appreciate that you LISTEN and don’t just HEAR me speak.

image image

31. You are selfless. You give and give…you need to take more time for you.

32. I want to grow old with you. I want to travel with you. I don’t care where we go, as long as we go together.

image image

33. You are a man of integrity and conviction.

34. I will always be loyal to you.

35. I am always on your side, “in your corner”, here to “back you up”. You can count on me. I can’t promise to be able to fix all your problems, but I can promise you won’t have to face them alone.

image image

36. I appreciate that when I’m being ridiculous you don’t laugh or make fun of me. You just hold me and tell me it’s going to be alright.

37. I love our home. Not our house but our home. You make it “home”. I could live in a cardboard box as long as I have you.


38. One of my favorite memories is of YOU. The day that I first told you I loved you, at the top of my parents steps as you were leaving, and you looked up at me and so PERFECTLY and seriously said, “I know”. I still hear it and see your smile, just like it was yesterday.


39. “Time flies when you are having fun.” It doesn’t seem possible that we have been married as long as we have because time has flown by. I don’t want it to go by so fast, but I’m thrilled to know I have you to grow old alongside of me.

40. You are every dream I’ve ever had. No matter what the future holds, or how many days the Lord gives us, every day I get to spend with you is “the best day ever”.



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