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Thankful for the clutter

A lot of times when we post things online or on our Facebook pages we edit and reword and crop our pictures to be just what we want it to be.

Last thanksgiving I decided to be thankful for things I’m normally complaining about. I tried to see the good in what only seemed like it could be bad. For example, cleaning a dirty bathroom. I had to remind myself that I had a bathroom. There are people in this world who do not have a bathroom.

Or laundry! We have clothes on our backs!!!

Or how high the gas prices are! I have a car!!!

Or how much I just spent on groceries! We have food to eat!!!

This morning I left the house, in a hurry, to take the girls to school. I looked at the floor before I walked out of the house and sighed. When I came home, AFTER GOING TO THE GROCERY STORE AND BUYING FOOD, I came in, saw the same mess of scattered clothes, hangers, shoes, boots, horse riding gear, and….I stopped! I stopped and took a picture.


….I stopped!!!

We have 2 little girls who are loved… fed… clothed… active… healthy…

My challenge to you…STOP! LOOK! BREATH! Take a pic of your mess and be glad you have it!!!


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