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Jumping on the couch

As with every kid, when the girls were little, they liked to jump on furniture. Bed, couch, chairs, coffee table…it didn’t matter what it was, they jumped on it, and as with every mom, jumping on the furniture is huge no-no!


One day, I caught them jumping on T’s bed, and told them to get down. Not more than 10 minutes goes by and they are jumping on the couch. I had “had it”! I did that “snap and point” finger thing that all mom’s just instantly know how to do when their children are born. (You know what I’m talking about. Don’t pretend you don’t do it! ;)) Anyway, I did the snap and point, and said, ” ‘GIT’ down!”

For some reason my oldest decided to take her life in her hands and ask, “Why?!” I took a breath, and in my stern mom voice I said, “Because one of you will fall off and bang your head on the table and DIE!”

(O.k., it might have been a bit dramatic, but I was irritated.)

They just looked at me. I realized I might have said a bit too much, so I quickly said, “When you die, you can jump all you want in Heaven. On the beds, couch, coffee tables, where ever you want, BUT YOU WILL NOT JUMP ON THE FURNITURE HERE ON EARTH!”

name erased

name erased 2

They JUMPED down off the couch, ran to their Dad and said, “Mom says we can jump on the couch in Heaven!!!!”

…we now own a trampoline! 😉



1 thought on “Jumping on the couch”

  1. Too funny!! My kids jump on the couch all the time and eventually it started to break, despite my stern mommy voice and the snap and point!!! lol This is adorable and the honest truth!!!


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