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Cereal Killer

My husband is a cereal killer. He barely gets 3 bowls out of one box of cereal. He eats your traditional “cinnamon life”, “Chex”, raisin bran, and “Special K”, but one of his favorites is this cereal which I have labeled “soggy cardboard”.

He used to eat it in Kenya when he was a kid, and I can actually buy it in the states at Weis Markets. It’s pretty expensive so we don’t get it all the time. It runs around $7.00 for a box!!! It’s called “Weetabix”, or should be more appropriately called “wheatabricks”. It is just as it sounds…bricks of shredded wheat.


He pours milk over top of these “bricks” and waits until it softens. I just don’t understand how anyone can enjoy them. There is no flavor. No sugar. No “frosted goodness”. Just soggy wheat, but he loves his cereal.

This was our conversation the other night..

I’m almost asleep and P says, “you got my ‘cinnamon life’ cereal right?”

I (joking) said, “what are you talking about?”

P (with almost some panic in his voice) says, “my ‘Cinnamon Life’… you got my ‘Cinnamon Life’ cereal didn’t you?”

I told him, “yes” and I swear I heard a relieved sigh.

Then…in the quiet of the room, in a child like whisper, I hear …”I like breakfast.”



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