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Time is not waiting on us….

You know that Subaru commercial, where the girl “grows up in the back of a Subaru”?

I CRY EVERY TIME!!!! I see my girls in that straight haired girl’s face and her “WHAT?” is what I hear from them, when I just STARE at their OLD faces!

We are coming up on another round of birthdays. The girls’ birthdays are only a few weeks apart and we are in “party planning” mode in this house. I’ve got soccer stuff for one, and hot pink for the other.




We celebrate EVERY birthday in this family…even as adults, but as adults we don’t need all the party fuss, just as long as there is cake!



It never fails, when the girls’ birthdays roll around, I have this bittersweet moment. I love celebrating their lives, but hate that they are another year closer to leaving me! Lately, I keep having these moments. Just random moments. While watching a movie, dropping them off at school, sitting across the dinner table, or GETTING IN THE FRONT SEAT OF THE CAR (like the commercial). They are growing so quickly, and so TALL!


When they were babies, other moms would say to me, “Enjoy it now. It goes fast.” (Those were usually the moments when we were in the grocery store and one of them would be screaming!) I used to look at that lady and think, “Yeah right! Easy for you to say with your quiet kid standing next to you.” Now, I’M THAT MOM! I hear a baby cry and it brings back such good feelings. Those moments when you had that baby snuggled in your neck, or that sweet voice saying, “Momma! I ‘eed ew!”





They don’t “eed” me much anymore! I know they are going to need me less and less too. Of course, every girl needs her mom! I still have moments where I just need to call my mom and WHINE about how bad my day was and hear her say, “I know!”

Before I’m ready, they will be grown, and out of this house. I’m trying to soak up every MOMent. Those times where I hear that sweet voice call me “momma” instead of hollering “MOM!” Those MOMents where they actually reach out to ME for a hug, instead of me reaching to them. Those MOMents where they still ask for my help.



Time is not waiting on us. It just keeps ticking by, without caring that we want it to slow or stop. I’m SO not ready for the days to come, but I’m going to enjoy each one that does and soak up as many MOMents as I can.


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