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Birthday Card Organizer

Birthday’s are special in our family. We celebrate EVERY ONE! To me, it’s a day to treat “that someone” to a day just for them. I want to show them how important they are and that we appreciate them, even if we don’t show it everyday.

I remember how much I loved getting cards when I was little, and even now, how I love to get something in the mail that’s not junk or bills. My mom is a big card writer and I get my love of writing from her. I send MANY birthday cards every month.

At first it was so hard to keep up with. I was almost always late, and the majority of the card was me apologizing that it was late. I knew I had to come up with a solution.

I started off with just looking ahead on Sunday’s and writing once a week, but that didn’t work for those people who had birthday’s on Monday! Then the cards would sit on the counter and wouldn’t get mailed in time! So after trial and error, I’ve perfected it. Here is it…


My letter organizer. I got this online years ago, but I’m sure they are still out there!

Once a month, during the last week of the month, I sit down and write one month’s worth of birthday and anniversary cards. Before I put the address labels or stamps on them, I write in the back corner what day it should be mailed, so it will get to them ON TIME! It actually comes in handy for my hubby when paying bills.


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