Weight Loss App

When I was writing a recent blog, and looking through some old pictures, I couldn’t believe how much I have changed.

In March of 2012, I had had enough. I was sick of being fat! I was sick of all my health issues. I was sick of being on Yo-Yo diets.

I wanted a change!

I LOVE my phone. I use it for EVERYTHING. I knew there had to be some app out there, in the vast expanse of “app-land” that could help me. Even if it was just motivation to get off my butt. I came across a bunch of them! I decided to download one and see if I liked it.

I didn’t just like it. I LOVED it!

The app name is “NOOM”. It’s basically a calorie counter. I had been on diet after diet. This wasn’t a diet. This was a life changer! I don’t feel like I’m dieting. I just know I can’t eat more than the allotted calories. It’s been a slow drop, but that’s because I still eat what I want. I’ve lost 56 lbs, but the BEST part….I’VE KEPT IT OFF! That has been the key for me…being able to keep it off! I’ve never been able to do that.

They key to any weight loss program is to find what works for you. I found what worked for me! Check out the before and after pics!!!







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