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Happily Ever After / Invested Forever After


Another letter to my girls….

Your dad and I met at church when he came here to the States to go to college.

The first time I saw him walking his Nana into church, I thought he was really cute! We were in the college and career class together and we did a lot of church activities together. We got to know each other a little better when I asked him if he could help me with some school work. It involved accounting, which he was taking at college. After that, once a week, he and a couple of the guys from church would come over and go swimming in our pool, at Nanny and Papa’s house.


Our first date was for the 4th of July fireworks in 1997. It was also the night of our first kiss. That August, he went back to Eastern College in Philly and I went back to Messiah College. He played soccer and I would drive two hours, multiple times a week, to go see him play soccer, or he would come home on the weekend. We talked EVERY day!

Summer of 1998, Bibi and Babu, Daddy and I, Aunt E and Uncle T, went back to Kenya, Africa to clean out their house and move here to the states permanently. One night in Kenya, under the stars, your Daddy told me that he wanted to marry me. It wasn’t an official engagement, but I knew he loved me, and he knew he wanted me in his life, FOREVER!

In October of 1998, he took me to see “Ever After”. After the movie, he drove me home and gave me a teddy bear with the ring tied around its neck. He got down on one knee and asked me to marry him. I was so excited! I was shaking and crying!


June 26 1999, the hottest day of the year, Your Daddy and I were married. It was the best day ever! My favorite part of the wedding day, was when after we were pronounced “husband and wife”, and he kissed me, he did my most favorite kiss of all. The forehead kiss! To me, it’s a kiss that says, “I will protect you forever.”



We had a beautiful wedding, and a great honeymoon. We went to Cancun, Mexico. It rained a lot of the week, but we still had a good time. We went to the beach, to the mall, and to the movies. We even did a reverse bungee jump. It was like a slingshot into the sky! I wanted to do it again, but your dad didn’t want to! I think he got sick! 😉

I fell in love with your Daddy sometime in 1997, but I have fallen in love with him, more and more, every day. My love for him changed when I saw him with you girls. The tenderness, compassion, understanding and patience that he has, (patience like I have never had) is what made me fall in love even more.



My most favorite thing about him is his smile. His smile says he loves me, he loves our marriage, he loves you girls, he loves our life, all is right in the world, and I can be at peace because he smiling! (That’s a lot to expect from a smile!) 😉 The best smile is when I’m the reason he is smiling!


I’m one of those girls that loves “happily ever after” stories and I truly feel I am living one everyday! Just the simple things in life: our normal schedule, (sometimes crazy and busy with no time to just sit and relax), our family nights, watching our favorite tv shows while he hold my hand, and the “just because” flowers he brings me is my happily ever after. I’m with the one I love and he loves me!


No, not everyday is rainbows and sunshine and glitter (I LOVE glitter). That’s because it’s LIFE! Life isn’t always perfect! Its never going to be, because WE are never perfect, but you need to know that your Dad and I will be together forever! The vows we took on our wedding day is the that reason! We made a commitment! We married for life.

A “perfect” relationship isn’t actually perfect, and a great marriage doesn’t have two perfect people. It has two FORGIVING people. It’s about not ever giving up on each other.

We are living the “INVESTED FOREVER AFTER” life. We work at our marriage, but we also WANT to be with each other. We love spending time we each other.

I wouldn’t change a thing about our lives! Your dad is the love of my life, my “knight in shining armor”, my bestie, my love, and my “prince charming”!

The Lord blessed us with a wonderful marriage and two beautiful, healthy girls. What more could a girl want?!



2 thoughts on “Happily Ever After / Invested Forever After”

  1. Love! So glad you are a part of our family 🙂 Oh and this made me giggle “It rained a lot of the week, but we still had a good time.” – one day the girls will figure that one out!


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