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Nighttime Notebooks


Back when my girls were little, I was keeping a journal about what we did that day. One for each girl. When T started Kindergarten, I thought it would good to get her to journal and practice her letters. (It became a great communication tool for us when she was being bullied, and was too upset to talk about it in person.) Each night I would write a little note, (or draw a picture when they were too little to read) and slip it under their pillow. The next night, after I would leave their rooms, they would write (or draw) a note back to me. Back and forth the notebooks went.



We got out of the EVERY NIGHT habit, and it has become a once in awhile thing now, but I so enjoy looking back at all the memories!

I asked the girls what they like most about journaling with me. “S” said she likes that “it’s fun to talk and express your feelings”. “T” said, “it is a great way for her to get stuff off her chest, privately”.


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