Crafts, Momma

Recipe Books

I love to bake. I love my girls. Put the two together, and you can create a fun bonding time (and maybe a mess or two). I always try to include the girls, when I can. I have tons of pics of the 3 of us together working in the kitchen. One day, while making a cake together, “T” asked if I was saving some of my recipes for them. It gave me an idea. Instead of just putting the pics of us together in photo albums, I would include the recipe we were making as well. I made the girls their own recipe books.


I took a 3 ring binder, the ones with the plastic over the covers so I could slip pics down inside. I used pictures of them eating, helping in the kitchen, banging on pots when they were little, basically anything that was food or kitchen related.



On the inside, I used those plastic sheet protectors. I filled the protectors with card stock and color coded each background for what kind of recipe it was. For example, “desserts” has a green background, “main dish” has a purple background.



The girls loved them.


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